Investment Strategy


Manhattan Sky Partner’s investment strategy is to exploit a niche that we have identified in Manhattan’s real estate market. We target fast socio-economic and culturally developing neighborhoods such as Hamilton Heights, West Harlem, Washington Heights, and Manhattanville. Once the specific location is selected, we acquire the qualifying properties, develop them for more efficient use, earn income while we hold them for two to ten years and ultimately sell them. Importantly, we favor quality over quantity, profit over volume.


Our street-by-street knowledge of our target neighborhoods combined with our large network that refer deals (often prior to listing) makes Manhattan Sky Partners unique in its ability to locate and acquire under-valued, “special situation” investments. But buying properties at typically below market rates is just the beginning. Manhattan Sky Partners’ understanding of architecture, design, renovation best practices and emerging purchaser trends also allow us to often command premium prices when we sell. Buying below market and selling above generates high returns for our clients.


Our Expertise & Value-add
Our expertise lies in our ability to dig out properties which match our stringent and specific criteria and in our capacity to envision the transformation and renovation that will enhance its style and increase its ultimate value. With our knowledge of architecture and construction, we find the most cost-effective solutions to improve the property and obtain the highest value.


We use reliable and most advanced internet tools to locate and track THE opportunity. Our search internet tools detect and alert us to any “price accident” occurring on the current market. Thanks to our exclusive, selected professionals network, we constantly scan the market and operate like a radar detecting any opportunity: we are a “Radar of Opportunity.”


Manhattan Sky Partner focuses on:

  • Up and coming, gentrifying and emerging blocks
  • Apartments in pre-war buildings (19th, early 20th Century)
  • Brownstone Townhouses, single & multi-family homes
  • Buildings with character (historical, architecture)
  • Special situations:
    • Developers needing to sell
    • Buildings needing to be re-purposed
    • Mispriced buildings and condominiums
    • Change of status: relocation, divorce, death


Employing these selection criteria:

  • Location, location, location
  • High potential capital appreciation
  • Undervalued properties